What we enjoy most is helping people build lives of purpose, personal development, and satisfaction through entrepreneurship. We are firm believers that entrepreneurship is not only a form of empowerment, but it is also freedom. Freedom to explore, to shape, and to express oneself to the fullest.



One Band. One Sound

Entrepreneurship is simple, but it is not easy. One of the most difficult hurdles entrepreneurs encounter is falling victim to the shiny object syndrome, followed by the inability to attract and retain talented, capable partners and employees. We will help you establish a culture of passion, productivity, commitment, and solidarity.


We help you clearly define your ideal client? And clearly articulate why your business exists beyond generating lucrative profit margins? Once you identify WHO you are serving, then we help you define HOW.

Predictable income is found in your process: knowing your revenue generating activities; adopting business practices that earn the trust and affinity of your prospects and patrons; and achieving clarity regarding what is your unique value proposition or competitive advantage in your market.


Goal Setting + Goal Achieving

Whether you are self employed, a start up, or the CEO of a company generating seven figures plus, it will be impossible for you to build and maintain momentum long term absent a goal setting and goal achieving itinerary.

Momentum: mo·men·tum : the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes

We will help you adopt a systemic approach to installing vision, culture, and accountability, And help you adopt efficient methods that help with identifying issues, addressing them, and solving problems allowing you to build and keep momentum.



Build Taller Buildings

Michael Jordan had mental and physical strength and conditioning coaches. Michael Jackson had voice coaches. Tony Robbins has financial coaches. We’ve all met the eighty year old, twenty year old. The person that turned twenty years of age, and while they accumulated sixty more years of existence, they didn’t accumulate sixty more years of learning and development.

These unfortunate circumstances can happen in business as well.

Make the decision to continually grow, be wiser, and more progressive.


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Are You Ready to Find Out How We Can I Help You Succeed?

At JSB Business Solutions Group, we’re all about results. As entrepreneurs we all wake up with the same goals in mind: how do we acquire more customers, grow and scale our businesses, and protect our enterprises from the non-controllable and the things we don’t know. Our objective is to provide you with a solid foundation and ongoing support to help you continue to serve your clients and implement systems and strategies to help you achieve financial independence.

We understand that as a small business owner, specifically if you are a sole prop or micro-business owner (3 employees or less) you're the marketing person, communications director, chief financial officer, copy editor, receptionist, social media and IT person, human resource officer, put out the fire person, the accountant, the attorney, email, phone call, text message, follow up person, etc., etc. in addition to actually serving your clients. You most likely feel like you’ve left something on the table every single day, and there is simply not enough time.

We take the time to listen to your short and long term goals, consult and devise a cost-effective plan of action, and execute expeditiously to meet your needs. We are driven by the belief that entrepreneurship is empowerment, and inspired by a simple, yet empowering philosophy that change can occur when people are equipped with the tools to exercise agency in their lives.

We bring approximately 40 years of experience to the table gained from building businesses as independent entrepreneurs, and helping small business owners conduct research, secure more clients, onboard and retain talented employees, and make better financial decisions.