Visualization works. Goal planning and vision boarding works. Affirmations work also. You have to see yourself both deserved and receiving the rewards. 

But don't forget to envision, reverse engineer, affirm, and see yourself 

Faithfully, Enthusiastically, Successfully, Committed 

to doing the WORK ALSO.

The Challenges of Starting a New Business Endeavor; Sales Management; or Launching a Sales Career 

So, you have a wonderful product or service, and you're ready to build a thralling business empire: serving people, building edifying relationships, and having an unending stream of prospects to educate and convert into a well spring of clients. Sounds great, right! Until the following questions and challenges begin to perplex and diminish your enthusiasm, or that of your team members:

  • Where am I going to find people after I've exhausted my warm market: family, friends, and acquaintances? 
  • How do I find and meet people? What do I say to them?
  • How do I find, attract and engage my target market: people who are looking for and respect my service offerings, and can afford to compensate me commiserate with my level of expertise or value?
  • What is the difference between my audience and my target market? How do I define or recognize my target market? 
  • Who should I follow up with first; how often should I contact people; and what strategies should I use to make sure I'm spending my time with the right people? 
  • Why is it that people don't commit to setting appointments with me, and keeping scheduled appointments? 
  • The price is affordable. People say they like my services and products. Why aren't they making buying decisions, or gasp..... going down the street and patronizing someone else? 
  • My sales are up and down. It seems like I'm constantly transitioning from feast to famine. 
  • How do I keep the clients that I do have? How many times should I contact them?
  • How do I use LinkedIn to build my prospecting funnel? 
  • People like, share, and comment on my posts, but how do I convert vanity stats into actual appointments? 
  • You've acquired buying customers. How do you convert them into repeat clients? 
  • How do you convert customers into brand ambassadors who will tell others about your business, almost as enthusiastically as you do? 

If any of the aforementioned challenges are keeping you awake at night, resulting in repeated resets, or endless ideating, we have a solution for you. It's time for you to enroll in PROJECT 3000.

PROJECT 3000 is a systemic approach to launching and building a business that results in a consistent flow of repeat customers and 3,000 plus referrals. It is not the latest, greatest sales tactic, some one off strategy, or a super novel, sexy, spectacular exhibition of showmanship. It is predicated upon a philosophy and time proven techniques that are designed to eliminate distrust, gain confidence, create predictable results, and duplicate one to one or organizationally. 


The Basic Elements of PROJECT 3000

Curating Your Origination Story - Your Business's Reason for Being

It's hard to put your life's energies, your beliefs, your passion and sinew, and your convictions behind a compromise long term. Your clients' patronage is your reward for not only delivering great services or products, but your ability to connect and resonate. Your ability to attract your tribe - people who are seeking your proposition; believe and trust you to deliver; and are raving fans - is all in your music. Being able to share your reason WHY in 3 sentences or less than 30 seconds is mission critical.


Prospecting - Inviting People to Learn About Your Business

You can have the most compelling marketing plan complete with incredible online content, brochures, the best card stock, coupled with a neatly bound portfolio containing your media kit and formation documents. It's all academic until you lean in, begin to acquire your first customers, and more importantly implement a systemic, predictable set of strategies to: build your prospecting funnel; properly qualify and segment your prospects; and schedule presentations that result in buying decisions.


Delivering a Good Presentation

What is a good presentation? A good presentation is constituted by your prospect/s agreeing to and attending an appointment in a favorable environment, under favorable circumstances, in a favorable mood, and receiving enough information to make an educated buying decision.

People don’t want to be sold, they want to buy. And despite the growing dominance of online marketing and purchasing options, people still desire to spend or invest their monies in places when and where they feel comfortable, and have developed a relationship of trust.


Creating a Happy Customer

If you're not intentional about creating happy clients, you're condemning yourself to a life of permanent stress regarding where your next customer may walk in through the door or click your purchase now link. It costs you quadruple the expense to acquire a new customer than to retain one.

And the quickest route to a destination is a straight line. If you desire more referrals, start with systemically creating happy customers. If you want to attract and create and army of 1000 fans or brand ambassadors, create very happy customers. If you want to build a thriving business - an asset that operates independently of you - whereas your attracting your idea employee and business partners, create inspired, happy customers.


Goal Setting 101

It is not uncommon for individuals to express trepidation or avoid goal setting altogether. The primary issue is most of us were never taught that setting goals is a skilled trade. No different than learning fencing, becoming a surgeon, or a violinist. People avoid the process more often than not because they fear failure, and don’t have a road map. Unfortunately, one of the most important life skills, is not given enough attention academically.

However, just like the process of learning any worthwhile skill, success is found in failing forward, multiple times. Athletes miss the mark frequently. Doctors lose patients. Musicians have bad days. However, the constant practitioners simply improve over time. It doesn’t have to be complex or rocket science, unless you just feel the need to sell a lot books. Just kidding, but not really.

If you take aim at nothing you'll hit nothing every single time.


WHY Enroll in PROJECT 3000 & WHY JSB Business Solutions Group

Because you know what the alternative is. You've been down that road.

Where there is an endless line of individuals who've watched a YouTube video and read one book, waiting to part you with your hard earned currency and take you to the promised land. The throngs of business consultants who have been W-2 employees all of their lives, ready to espouse their voluminous lack of experience regarding work life balance; defining and finding happiness as an entrepreneur; and when you can attend their next speaking engagement, online seminar, or next book. 

JuJuan Buford, & JSB Business Solutions Group collectively, brings over 20 years to the table of marketing, prospecting, sales, public speaking, and most importantly: successfully launching businesses and helping other entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses. 


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