We are a business solutions organization with an international footprint serving professionals who wish to transition into entrepreneurship and providing guidance, technical assistance, and resources to help established entrepreneurs grow, thrive, and scale from a Team of Me to a Team of We. We believe entrepreneurship is empowerment, and one of the surest ways to help people take control over what happens at their kitchen tables, positively impact their neighborhoods, and exercise influence in their communities.

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Clearly defining your purpose statement or WHY for starting your business helps you to provide clarity regarding your value proposition. It is important to understand and be able to clearly define the benefits to your buying customers. The compensation you receive is an indicator of how effectively you’re communicating how becoming a client of yours you can impact, change, or bring about a desired result in their lives. Your compensation is the confirmation and reward for identifying your tribe – defined as people who value your goods and or services; desire to learn more about your business; and can afford to patronize you.


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For your marketing efforts to result in sales at scale, it is important to identify and curate duplicable prospecting and customer onboarding methods. In other words, from the moment a prospective customer learns about your business - whether online or in person - what action steps are being employed to convert them into buying customers and brand ambassadors?

At some point along our entrepreneurial journey, we discover that while talent and hard work are the common denominators of success, TEAMs win championships. How do you attract, retain, and develop the right people, partners, staff, investors, and vendors to fill the correct roles in your business? What are your responsibilities as a leader?

Time management is an oxymoron. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, as time is the great equalizer. The difference is the value we pour into each hour; predicated upon how effectively we define and manage our priorities; coupled with how well we master our behaviors. 

Goal achieving is a skilled trade, and it is a systemic endeavor. It requires the establishment of priorities, the ability to anticipate challenges, and a systemic approach to solving problems. What you do not measure or schedule will not last, and cannot be executed upon. Ideas are great, but execution is better.

Momentum: mo·men·tum : the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes 

Business Momentum: mo·men·tum : the accumulation of a series of successes, repeatedly building atop one another without ceasing, producing quick growth, enabling you to achieve goals within shorter time periods, expending less and less time, money, and energy to achieve them. 

Talent, inspired work, and creativity will get you going and allow you to create momentum. A disciplined, intentional approach to installing vision, culture, and accountability, coupled with a systematic approach to identifying issues, addressing them, and solving problems is how you keep momentum.


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Learn more about how we help fledgling and established business owners alike conduct research, acquire more clients, become capital ready, onboard and retain their best employees, protect their intellectual property rights, curate and review contracts and documents, make better financial and legal decisions, and so much more.


We believe that “profit is the applause you receive for serving your customers.” *Ron Kaufman*


NextOppSocial is an online webcast that highlights the achievements of entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the Detroit Metropolitan; providing an avenue for entrepreneurs to promote their businesses, and providing our audience with an opportunity to learn and draw wisdom from others who have achieved.

We, invite suggestions for future guests, specific topics you'd like covered, and feedback regarding subjects covered in episodes.

Watch an episode to gain insight regarding how we are serving the community. A featured interview with Ms. Sharon Madison: Detroit Business Icon, Project Manager of a Billion Dollar Portfolio, Architecture, Real Estate Development, Construction, Engineering > Click here to view an Interview with Ms. Sharon Madison

Learn More @ https://www.nextoppsocial.com/


The impact of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is apparent at every level in nationally, regionally, locally, in our communities, and our households. And while everyone may not be ready to make the leap, everyone can benefit from a more entrepreneurial mindset.... and we simply need more.

JSB Business Solutions Group was born out of a belief that change can occur when people are equipped with the tools to exercise agency in their lives. And what better way to curate a life of satisfaction and fulfillment, than to build an enterprise/s that allow you to spend more time doing things that edify you, give you energy, and provides the means to live a purpose driven life.

We partner successfully with professionals and entrepreneurs with your background who enjoy helping people build thriving businesses; wish to increase their networks and business acumen, desire the time freedom and flexibility of home business ownership; and are intentional about building financial independence.